Long Term Disability

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Long Term Disability Insurance

Our firm provides comprehensive Long Term Disability Income Policies for individuals and groups.  If you are disabled, a major portion of your income is provided.  If you need physical or vocational training, the coverage provides for these services.  And, even after you return to work, coverage will afford benefits designed to ease the transition to a new occupation..  These are the broadest, most comprehensive disability benefits.

Your next employer may not offer group Long Term Disability.  No longer can or do many employers fully fund benefit programs for everyone.  Or, if your salary increases beyond the maximum income your LTD plan protects - will you have adequate protection?

If you are an employer looking at our website, we have some cost effective solutions to better benefits for you and your employees that are very affordable.  If you are an individual, there are several coverage options where coverage may be tailored to your needs, with an eye toward cost control.  We conscientiously propose the best coverage for the best cost.  Our emphasis is on quality.  

Let's look at the possible benefits that have various options:

Disability Benefits - Up to 60% of salary after a chosen elimination period. (waiting period in days)

Disability Plus Benefit - provides an additional 40% of salary if the insured is unable to perform two or more activities of normal daily living.

Future Adjustment Option - allows the insured to increase the amount of income benefit when salary increases - without evidence of insurability.

Cost of Living Adjustment - provides for an adjustment in the benefit, tied to inflation, after the employee has been disabled for one year.

Long Term Care Provision - guarantees the insured the right to transform the disability coverage into Long Term Care without evidence of insurability.

These coverages may be customized to a client's needs and pocketbook.  We strive to design proper balance in coverage, and create a plan that we would buy for ourselves if we were in the position of our client.  Let us design a plan for you.

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