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Homeowners Insurance

Does your coverage pay for replacing rather than depreciating your loss on both building and contents?  Do you have enough coverage to rebuild your home in the event of a disaster?  Have you considered today's building materials costs which have skyrocketed?  Have you insured the gaps in standard coverage, such as jewelry and other valuables?  Have you added flood and earthquake which are low cost items?  Premiums do differ between insurance companies.

As you probably are aware, the Homeowners policy is a package of coverage on house, contents, and liability.  Sounds pretty simple.  It is, as long as you have proper advice on the amount of coverage and the special coverages that may be advisable.

Whether you have purchased your home recently or years ago, the amount of insurance was often tied to the amount of the mortgage, a guess by an insurance firm, or one by your real estate broker.  In fact, all Homeowners contracts require that you insure for replacement cost of the structure in order that losses , large and small, be paid on a replacement cost basis.

At Boyd-Neelon, we make sure that we provide a cost analysis on your home for replacement cost.  We can even calculate on an appraisal basis for you.  You don't want to be overinsured, or, underinsured.

There are also special coverages that a homeowner may need.  Valuable possessions, such as jewelry and furs, cameras, stamp and coin collections, and fine arts pieces may need to be insured by scheduling in the policy.  Each of these has a modest limit in the basic policy that may need some customizing.

Boyd-Neelon account managers know how to provide an accurate appraisal on your home, and, create the most economical way of properly insuring your valuables.  And - we review all policies at least annually.

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