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Business Package Insurance

Boyd-Neelon Associates provides a package of coverages in a single policy.  This is a broad-based policy with property, liability and umbrella coverage all in one package.  Only Workers Compensation needs to be a separate policy by many state laws.

Perhaps you have been exposed to policies where the agents choose from a number of policies to cover you needs.  You may end up with overlapping coverage, or, gaps where losses are not covered.  This can leave you open to exposures of which you are not aware.  

Boyd-Neelon simplifies the process with sound and professional advice.  Working as a team with you, we'll improve and simplify your insurance with one of several highly regarded insurance companies.  And -- the price will be right.

Please look through the following programs in order to see the breadth and diversity.  If you don't see your particular business, you are welcome to contact us to see if your business qualifies.  Not all businesses do, but our companies provide insurance for hundreds of eligible types of business.

Professional Program

We insure law offices including lawyers' professional liability.  We have a program for opticians and optometrists including professional liability.  We have a specially-designed program for veterinarians.  This program also includes professional liability.  Please contact us for details.

Retail Stores

This category includes businesses engaged in the retail trade of products, including installation, servicing and repair of these products, if applicable.  Here's a sample: Book stores, shoe stores, fabric stores, bicycle shops, retail bakeries, gift shops,  lighting fixtures stores, jewelry stores, auto parts stores, paint and wallpaper stores.  Check with us for the many more businesses eligible in this program.  

Wholesale Operations

Our simplified policies for wholesalers include wholesale florists, bakeries, magazine and beverage distributors.  Included also are beauty and barber supplies distribution, cosmetic and toiletries distributors, ophthalmic goods, plumbing supply and fixture distributors.  There are more than 50 classes of businesses that are eligible.  Contact us.

Service Companies

We have tailor-made packages for kennels, travel agents, movie theatres, telephone answering services, car washes, photographers, and video rental stores.  These are but a few of the more than 75 classes of business that are eligible.

Office Program

Most businesses that operate in an office environment are eligible for this program.  Some examples are real estate offices, mortgage brokers, medical offices, travel agencies, employment agencies, manufacturers' representatives, advertising, public accountants, and business management companies of all types.  The program will not only insure the office contents on a broad coverage basis, but also the office building itself if you own it.

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